oanaMy name is Oana Leibovitz, I’m 47 years old and a mother of two beautiful daughters.

I am the owner of vitamins and nutritional supplements company “Oana Nutrition.”

My credo in life, for the last 25 years, is that exercise and a healthy diet that includes nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, and herbs can prevent most diseases that exist today – especially the worldwide epidemics diabetes and obesity – and now it has been scientifically proven.

From the age of 15 I dealt with being overweight (although I ate healthy and worked out), but there wasn’t a diet that help me lose weight to the ideal situation, and keep the weight off after I did managed to lose some.

When I saw my older daughter begins to indulge in sugars and search frantically for something sweet, it became my private war against the epidemic of obesity.

In 2006 I began to re-explore the issue of obesity independently and checked on myself, family and my close friends almost all the weight loss methods that existed in the market, one after another.

In addition I went through thousands of pages of documents and new studies published in the field. During my “research” I shared my discoveries with several doctors, fitness trainers and nutritionists to get from them feedback if I’m in the right direction.

In 2010 I published for my family and my closest friends the first document which was the concentration of the important principles on the subject of weight loss, with exact recommendations what they need to do to lose weight.

3 months later I was in a situation where I received hundreds of requests for help from acquaintances of acquaintances of friends who saw my family and friends lose weight quickly and easily.

In 2011 I published my first book on the subject, and since then tens of thousands of people have used the principles I discovered to lose weight and to maintain their new weight.

“Oana’s diet” simply came into existence because of the constant demands of my customers to publicize my discoveries in the field of weight loss – and I hope it will help you too.

Good Luck, Oana


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